El camino del ser

El camino del ser - Carl Rogers - Kairós
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Carl Rogers' work can not be separated from his own life and the application of his existential truth: each one of us carries with it the possibility of being authentically itself. Such is "the way of being", where life is understood as a process of change and growth, and one of whose postulates is that every individual potentially possesses the necessary competence for the solution of him.

Being really oneself, unconditionally accepting the other, reaching the "congruence", focusing the therapy on the client. Here are expressions that have already been classical and that have exercised enormous influence within the so-called humanistic psychology.

The way of being is a book where the life and the Carl Rogers process are prevailed over these last years. The first part is eminently personal, and in it the author examines his own career, his scores, his experiences in agin...read more


Book: El camino del ser

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