El cantar de los cantares

O los aromas del amor

El cantar de los cantares - Mario Satz - Kairós
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That the one hundred and seventeen verses of the most famous love song of universal poetry occupy such a prominent place in the Judeo-Christian mysticism and laterally in the Islamic one, constitutes a destiny clearly magnificent for verses as exalted as they are obscure. Just five pages, which The Song of Songs occupies in the Castilian Bible, summarize, for rabbis and Christian scholars alike, the whole adventure of the human being in his search for the divine, the irresistible desire of the creature to access his Creator or, if you like, the feeling that each individual experiences before beauty, its grace and enigmatic power of attraction. This version that Mario Satz has carried out following the numerical and geographical keys of the Cantar, and in the context of comparative literature, reveals unexpected synchronicities and amazing constants that corroborate the unanimity of th...read more


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Book: El cantar de los cantares

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