El cerebro altruista

por qué somos naturalmente buenos

El cerebro altruista - Donald Pfaff - Herder
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The altruistic brain demonstrates, from the neuroscience approach, that we are naturally good because we are biologically predisposed to it. The altruistic brain is the most important study on how and by what means - by purely physical mechanisms - human beings empathize with each other and respond altruistically. That spontaneous kindness is our natural behavior, independently of religious or cultural conditioning. From a rigorous and broad scientific approach, Pfaff shows how the functioning of the brain rewards our ethical behavior and serves the major objectives of evolution. It also exposes how, using the psychosocial approaches that are currently known, we can cultivate this aspect of human nature, so that it is not overcome by adverse social influences. In this way, it dispels fears that the discoveries of neuroscience inevitably undermine ethics and free will, opening a new an...read more


Book: El cerebro altruista

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