El cine del diablo

El cine del diablo - Jean Epstein - Cactus
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Who may have been the filmmakers philosopher, Jean Epstein, assumes the risk of hypothesizing, in this book of 1947, about the demonic character of the film invention. With safe distance from the founding moment, which was part, Epstein takes account of the drift of film in his last-first fifty years, and sees it as a monster novelty, creation, full of all transformista heresy of constant flux. Placing it in the back of the great inventions and weighing as the discovery of macroscopic and microscopic world of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, places the film in a anti-dogmatic, revolutionary and libertarian lineage, in a word, you diabólico.Pronunciadas all accusations, film pleads guilty: guilty of dissolving the way movement, permanence in the future, guilty of dislocating space, which can no longer be thought of as Euclidian guilty to accelerate, slow down, to reverse ...read more



Book: El cine del diablo

ISBN: 9789872922474