El Compacto sexual

El Compacto sexual - Joan Copjec - Paradiso Editores
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This book brings together three fundamental essays written by Joan Copjec, one of the most important American intellectuals of the last decade. These articles, presented and worked during his stay in Mexico City, offer an accessible introduction to the themes that are interrelated throughout his work: psychoanalysis, cinema, sex, feminism and Islam. The question: "sex or gender?" It presents a false alternative that reveals the possibility of thinking about female specificity and the difference between the sexes. This book, an eruption of dazzling findings, is the source of a lava river capable of heating for decades the debates in which womanhood and politics are articulated. These innovative essays, written by the main theoretician of psychoanalysis, feminism and cinema, represent the excellence of Copjec's work, in its three fields of study.


Book: El Compacto sexual

ISBN: 9786079553128