El dolor y sus enigmas

El dolor y sus enigmas - Marilia Aisenstein - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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One of the fundamental keys of Marilia Aisenstein's thinking is the closeness with which she speaks of her patients, the affection she communicates to us when preparing the clinical vignettes, from the careful choice of the fictitious name, to the numerous literary references that accompany it. His clinical warmth encourages his way of writing, in part, perhaps, by the need to affect the unaffected discourse of psychosomatic patients.

When affection is absent in the patient's speech, the analyst's job is to translate it and put a word on it. Thus, Aisenstein carries it out not only during the session with his patient, but also when transcribing it, in the text and transmitting it to his readers, this book being a sample of that work. The enigma of the pleasure of displeasure, the enigma of pain as a psychic function, the enigma of why some patients when they seem to improve, ge...read more

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Book: El dolor y sus enigmas

ISBN: 9786079608057