El enigma del capital

y las crisis del capitalismo

El enigma del capital - David Harvey - Akal
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For more than three centuries the capitalist system has dominated and shaped Western society, suffering periodic implosions in which people and people were exposed to losing everything. In this lucid essay Professor David Harvey draws on his unrivaled knowledge of capitalism to ask himself how and why it can be that way, and if it should remain that way forever. With a solid and documented argument, the author shows that sporadic episodes of crisis in the capitalist system are not only inevitable, but also essential for their survival; fiscal and monetary policies that do not take that into account will cause more harm than benefit. The essence of capitalism is selfish interest, and talking about imposing regulations and morality is irrational. The Capital Enigma presents a broad overview of the current economic crisis from the events that led to the economic collapse of 2008 until to...read more


Book: El enigma del capital

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