El Espíritu de los derechos religiosos

Judaísmo, cristianisma e islam

El Espíritu de los derechos religiosos - Silvio  Ferrari - Herder
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Every religion has a core of mandatory rules for the faithful. Not simply indicate to whom and how to pray, but often also establish modes of dress and food, days of work and rest: they regulate, in short, many aspects of everyday life, including some (apparently) very far of today in the West mean by religion. The problem of religious right, long ignored, has now reached today due to the multicultural and multireligious character of contemporary society: you can not understand or control the tensions caused by the coexistence of different religions, without knowing the regulatory apparatus that guides the life of the faithful. This book examines comparative legal systems of three religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam and investigating their common roots, their points of contact and contrast, the distance that separates them from the laws of the States. It is an important contributio...read more

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Book: El Espíritu de los derechos religiosos

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