El Futuro del universo

¿Casualidad, caos, Dios?

El Futuro del universo - Arnold  Benz - Herder
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We are in a new millennium and we look into a vast ocean of time again. How come? What does the future hold? Is there a ray of hope in the distant future? This book summarizes in a universally comprehensible the latest knowledge about the universe, the stars and life. Is there reason for hope? Or is it neither more nor less than a chimerical illusion? The hope may be formed only within a trusting relationship in which the individual is seen existentially involved. In such a relationship between the subject and the world, a different reality is perceived, but not the scientific method that excludes the subject. This work implies that hope, confidence and faith is not based constructions extremely dogmatic or metaphysical, but perceptions are personal, even mystical, even if they were spread by tradition. Are offered as an illustration, examples from everyday life. The book examines iss...read more

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Book: El Futuro del universo

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