El humor y lo cómico

Un estudio estético-psicológico

El humor y lo cómico - Theodor Lipps - Herder México
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Herder México
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With humor and comedy. An aesthetic-psychological study of Theodor Lipps (1851-1914), whose first edition appeared in 1898 in Germany, Mexico Editorial Herder rescues a major reference work that despite defend its importance, especially in the German and US universities, in Spanish was until today unknown.
Humor and comedy is a scholarly study that reflects the Zeitgeist of an era that clearly sees the twilight of the unconscious and the importance of psychology. In it, Lipps examines the phenomena of laughter on the basis that each emotional state has its aspect of consciousness and that this is associated with the hidden or invisible aspects.
We note that the author, as one of the most influential philosophers and psychologists of his day, was an exemplary teacher. Among his students are, for example, Ernst Bloch and Max Scheler. One of his biggest fans was none other th...read more


Book: El humor y lo cómico

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