El octavo hábito

De la efectividad a la grandeza

El octavo hábito - Stephen R. Covey - Paidós
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During the more than twenty years that have elapsed since its publication, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has become an international phenomenon with more than fifteen million copies sold. In the spheres of enterprise, government, education, family, and, more importantly, in the personal sphere, tens of millions of people have dramatically improved their lives and their organizations by applying the principles of Stephen R. Covey's classic. But the world is a place that has changed a lot. The challenges and complexity that we all face in our relationships, our family, our professional life and our community are of a totally new magnitude. Being effective as individuals and as organizations is no longer an option: to survive in the world today Requires it. But to thrive, innovate, excel and lead in our time, we must start from the effectiveness to go beyond it. This new era of...read more


Book: El octavo hábito

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