El pensamiento nocturno

En la noche de los Disparates

El pensamiento nocturno - Luis Peñalver Alhambra - Taugenit
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Rústica con solapas

A novel book that delcous into the philosophical aesthetics of the darkest thought of Francisco de Goya, in a clear and accessible language, and which also collects all the Nonsense drawn by the immortal Spanish painter. A reference work for anyone interested in art and, in particular, in one of the most disturbing stages of goyesca work.

Like one of his witches, old Goya fly over the weather of the Nonsense, to rush, like the semi-hollowed dog of the Black Paintings, over that swamp of reality from where you can only get out if we sink into it. But before Goya had to shipwreck in silence for silence to be revealed to him. He had to witness the appalling violence of war, injustice and extreme suffering. It was then that he began to paint what can no longer be painted because it overflows the boundaries of representation, as an announcement of the invisible disaster. This essay,...read more


Book: El pensamiento nocturno

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