El pensamiento y lo moviente

El pensamiento y lo moviente - Henri Bergson - Cactus
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Thought and movent (1934) is the latest book by Henri Bergson. And there is little to say in a thinker who dragged always a unique intuition. Intuition deployed in a multicolored range, yet unique. Such intuition is for the philosopher, something simple, infinitely simple, so extraordinarily simple that the philosopher has ever come to say it. And so he has spoken all his life.
Only someone who has a vision can philosophize. And hers was a life sub specie durationis, inserted into the continuous and indivisible flow of reality, engaging with her long companionship, gaining their trust. The philosopher, like the good tailor, works "as" a suit for every being, the one that fits you, it is yours. But meanwhile being has become something elusive, so the effort of the philosopher is singular, and classic tooling -analítico- becomes rust. Only a philosophy at once can movent penetrate...read more



Book: El pensamiento y lo moviente

ISBN: 9789872621995