El proceso de convertirse en persona autonónoma

El proceso de convertirse en persona autonónoma - Manuel Villegas - Herder
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Why different people behave so differently to the same situation? Why do some become depressed, others react aggressively and instead other out strengthened against the adversities of life? Why some people are secluded at home out of fear, while others need to run? Why the love derives sometimes in dependence or violence? Why do some people suffer from not suffer and others do not live in fear of death?

These and many other questions are answered in this book from the conception of psychological distress as a result of internal or external constraints of freedom, in the form of shame, fear, dependency, guilt, obsessions, impulses or compulsions. Man can not avoid the conflicts of human existence, but can take a responsible attitude towards them, learning to manage itself from autonomy.

With a language adapted to the general reader, this book aims to become a manual psych...read more



Book: El proceso de convertirse en persona autonónoma

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