El Quinto principio

Experiencias de lo innombrable

El Quinto principio - Paul Williams - Herder
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A poignant story about the childhood experiences of the author, which shows how internal strategies can survive a child's mind the suffering caused by the abuse.

This book is not an autobiography, nor the medical history of an individual. We are in a literary work that chronicles aspects of the childhood of the author (from birth to age eight) in an attempt to explain the strategies of a mind uses to survive in extreme circumstances of fear, exclusion and emotional attacks. Tells how not disintegrate before the suffering caused largely by those who should care for the child, who must care for children.

"The unique aspect of the situation could change was myself." Thanks to five principles that were developed in his mind, not only that child can survive and keep sane, but went on to become a person of talent and a recognized professional. This book describes the most pa...read more


Book: El Quinto principio

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