El show de Gary

El show de Gary - Nell Leyshon - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Gary's show is the new novel by Nell Leyshon after the overwhelming success he achieved with Del color de la leche (published in Sixth Floor and chosen Book of the Year by the Booksellers Guild of Madrid in 2014), and that already makes it An event. The author gives us, again, with an unforgettable character and story. The enormous magnetism of the book - as it already happened with the color of milk - resides largely in its protagonist and narrator. This time it is Gary: proud, brazen, but of an intrinsic and irreducible nobility, and with much bad life behind them. Someone deeply hurt but determined to survive everything; Also to himself. In his descent into hell there is something immaculate, in spite of everything: the fire that inhabits Gary. Its strength, its vitality, its authenticity. And the blue of his eyes, like a clear day. This charming malefactor is a runaway horse that ...read more


Book: El show de Gary

ISBN: 9788416358960