El Totalitarismo

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El Totalitarismo - Simona Forti - Herder
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What does a totalitarian political regime again? When does speak of totalitarianism, and why? Can we treat the totalitarian phenomenon as a tragic episode of the century who has just finished, or something more complex than a simple historical parenthesis? What totalitarian restless ghosts still our time?_x000D_

This book aims to answer these questions not only recovering the history of the concept, but trying to clarify the reasons, clashes and controversies that have animated the debate on totalitarianism. Also take into account political science theories and historical discussions, priority attention is given to philosophical reflection. Thinking philosophically support the concept of totalitarianism to review some forcefully opposing antithesis consolidated democracy and totalitarianism._x000D_

This book invites us to ask endless questions about the democratic era: t...read more


Book: El Totalitarismo

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