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All trials of an author who cultivated the essay as a genre come together in this volume, but left us in his written testimonies of his reflection on his own poetic work in works like "On the different modes of poetry", "On the approach taken by the poetic spirit "... In other texts, Hölderl faces in the work of the classics:" Notes on Oedipus and Antigone "," Fragments of Pindar, "or with different themes. Thus: "On Religion", "The evolution in perish" and others. It also includes the "Project" usually subtitled "the oldest system program of German idealism" which, although worded materially Schelling, seems to have been under the direct inspiration of Hölderlin in 1795, later to be copied by Hegel in 1796 . The version of this document was made by Felipe Martinez Marzoa, professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona, ​​also translator of Kant to Castilian and Galician Sopho...read more


Book: Ensayos

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