Entre filosofía e historia. Vol 1

Entre filosofía e historia. Vol 1 - Chris Lorenz - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

Chris Lorenz's series of texts gathered here condense research and reflections in the field of history theory that are the result of a long history in discipline. It is difficult to describe the general meaning of the research program deployed here, and its results, without alluding to the clear and systematic exposure with which the author himself shows, in the "General Introduction", the central lines that have guided his company and his positioning in contemporary debate. Lorenz presents us, while his unusual ability to account for the "reality" of the past, a defense of the historian's craft and a committed intervention in controversial debates of undeniable topicality. His theoretical explorations always serve as examples of specific historiographic texts, incorporating a practical-political dimension outside of any claim of objectivist asepsis and reviewing time and again the co...read more


Book: Entre filosofía e historia. Vol 1

ISBN: 9789875746879