Es tiempo de pensar en Dios 

Es tiempo de pensar en Dios  - Karl  Lehmann - Herder
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Acceleration is a concept that defines a fundamental process of our time. How in an atmosphere of total transformation as this, the Church can continue to exist, an institution based on tradition, he thinks "in thousands" and seen as a positive force in their resistance to the spirit of the times? The trends of our time are not favorable to the commitments. The old values are beginning to falter. The discourse about God, the main goal of Christianity is increasingly less likely to be heard, and resulting cash-in a culture marked by science and dominated by the pleasure and consumption, and a society characterized by economic competition. The institutional balance between church and state, for example, are in danger. The new offerings make sense of a "market ideology" more individualized rival the Christian interpretation of man and the world. The struggle over divergent future more

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Book: Es tiempo de pensar en Dios 

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