Escritos 1789 - 1859 Volumen I

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Escritos 1789 - 1859 Volumen I - Alexander Von Humboldt - Herder México
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From a young age, Alexander von Humboldt came into contact with the scientific and political eminences of his time. Traveling and exploring the world, especially the New World, was his life plan.
He was a scientist, explorer and humanist who bequeathed an extensive work: among his books Political essay on the kingdom of New Spain and Journey to the equinoctial regions of the New Continent until the late Cosmos, observations and theories on nature are condensed, the which seemed to him a living and interactive organism of great intensity. In his studies he went ahead with detail to his time; For example, given his obsession with measurements and precision instruments, he detected how the deforestation that humanity generates is the cause of climate change with disastrous consequences.
Humboldt believed in the free flow of ideas and information, a communication without more


Book: Escritos 1789 - 1859 Volumen I

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