Escritos sobre Ortega

Edición, Introducción y Notas de Ricardo Tejada

Escritos sobre Ortega - María Zambrano - Trotta
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María Zambrano spoke of "affiliation" to characterize the relationship of your thinking, to José Ortega y Gasset. This "affiliation" was, however, extremely problematic. Neither the "father" was recognized as such-rather, on the contrary, he criticized the initial orientation of the thought of his "disciple" - or "daughter" could be recognized as such by their teacher. Nevertheless, it can be described as exemplary role of "teacher" which served to Zambrano Ortega and all his generation. The intricacies of history and personal lives made ​​this voice and distant memory function is returned, but an unusual durability.

Zambrano Ortega said that "creating an area away full of confidence-and woke demanded it, in which it came, the intangible feeling of each person." "That is why dialogue with 'added she unfolded it with little effort, despite the differences." On rare occasions, more


Book: Escritos sobre Ortega

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