Escritos sociológicos II, 1

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Escritos sociológicos II, 1 - Theodor W. Adorno - Akal
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In this first part of the second volume of "Sociological Writings" Adorno analyzes the dissemination and acceptance of fascist ideology in American society. To do this, first, he reviews the radio speeches of Martin Luther Thomas, a Protestant pastor whose programs full of demagogic speeches in defense of Christianity had great acceptance in the thirties. Next, he presents us with an exhaustive analysis of the interviews carried out with a large number of people who were asked about their social relationships, mainly with people of other colors and religions. Adorno presents us, in this way, an important study on anti-Semitism and fascism, while providing us with a method for the study of popular culture and political thought.


Book: Escritos sociológicos II, 1

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