Ética de la vida

Ética de la vida - Eberhard Schockenhoff - Herder
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An assessment of biomedical advances from a Christian perspective also valid for a secular society._x000D_
In almost any other field of science can now so clearly recognized the ambivalence of modernity and in the field of biomedical research. On the one hand, claimed the freedom and dignity, while the other, numerous ideological currents deny them under a deep skepticism. Utilitarianism has once again entered into the theoretical edifice of ethics, respect for the inviolable dignity of every human being and their moral rights yields to the need to assert their own interests. Thus, bioethics becomes the theoretical legitimacy of an insidious loss of solidarity to be consumed under the pretext of autonomy and freedom._x000D_
By analyzing key issues in the ethics of life and the concept of person, human dignity and man's place in the cosmos,...read more


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Book: Ética de la vida

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