Fábricas del sujeto / ontología de la subversión

Fábricas del sujeto / ontología de la subversión - Antonio Negri - Akal
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How to think the systemic maturity of today's societies? What are the ultimate potentials of Marxian analysis of modernity that are likely to be used in the postmodern era, in which the current chaos of the capitalist world-system introduces us inexorably? What is the point of claiming the constituent power of living work to design new constitutional devices for the organization of political life that increase the democratic contents of the current state form in a definitely post-national environment? How are the concepts of antagonism and real subsumption theoretically and politically combined, as well as those of time and subjectivity, on the horizon of a radical and transformative policy? In this book, which covers two decades of theoretical and philosophical work, Antonio Negri offers answers to these questions. In its pages it includes the philosophical protocols that it has used...read more


Book: Fábricas del sujeto / ontología de la subversión

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