Figuras de la inmanencia

Para una lectura filosófica del I Ching

Figuras de la inmanencia - François Jullien - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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The publishing house El Hilo de Ariadna published the first edition in Spanish of the book Figures of Immanence (For a philosophical reading of the I Ching), by the prestigious and renowned philosopher and sinologist François Jullien.

As the author puts it, of all the books that the various civilizations have produced, the I Ching is one of the strangest, not so much for its message, but for its composition. It consists only of two types of line, one integer and one broken, which are used to express the polarity that operates within the real. The set of overlays of these lines allows to produce 64 figures. With this combination, I Ching intends to give us access to the intelligibility of things without having to resort to the staging of a story or the development of an argument. In other words, without appealing to myth or discourse. In this way, it represents a suitable means more


Book: Figuras de la inmanencia

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