Galaxias explosivas: el arte de David Medalla

Galaxias explosivas: el arte de David Medalla - Guy Brett - Alias
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David Medalla has managed to remain unattached, or elegant way to ironic, artistic movements, and both deeply stuck in them; an ambivalence with which has maintained its strong individuality and mental mobility. His own work is in part a search for how their inventions can resist institutionalization to stay as active as able to inspire others.


Somehow, that indispensable word luftmensch has made a bad name. But still it seems useful. According to the Oxford dictionary, a luftmensch is "impractical visionary." But ever there was a practical visionary? When I think of David Medalla, I think of him fondly as one of the few authentic luftmensch I've known ... a man of incomparable imagination.

Ashton -Dore

This book by renowned art critic Guy Brett is the first attempt to group a set of fascinating and ephemeral artistic work that eludes simple more


Book: Galaxias explosivas: el arte de David Medalla

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