Edad de la vida, edad de las cosas

Generaciones - Remo Bodei - Herder
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Every generation shares the fate of his time, recalls the past and looks to the future. Death involves the transmission of material goods from one generation to another, but also inherits a world of symbols and principles is perpetuated and transformed into the transmission according to the logic of gift and return.

The tripartite division of life in youth, maturity and old age gave more weight to maturity, as a symbol of the fullness of the person. But now the youth and old age have dilated and maturity has shrunk. Young people tend to stay longer at home, old seeking a second youth and often remain productive after retirement. Also because of the crisis of the welfare state, it has changed the plot of individual existence and relations of solidarity between the various stages of life. social ties and trust between generations weaken. Can he established a new covenant between more



Book: Generaciones

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