Giordano Bruno 

Giordano Bruno  - Miguel Angel Granada - Herder
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The sixteenth century is a century of iron in Europe attending qe decisive changes. Religious reform leads to the tragedy of the wars of religion, the discovery of America opens the way for predatory enterprise of colonization, the modern state continues its hard work of construction, while the system of knowledge and the dominant image of the world for centuries enter into an irreversible crisis from which arise the ideas of Modernism. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) in his face much of these problems, while conducting a critical review of the whole philosophical and theological tradition of Western religion in order to develop a thought to recover knowledge of the true structure of the universe and civil peace return to a Europe poisoned by religious sectarianism, while enabling the personality the free exercise of speculative philosophy. The present study addresses some central more


Book: Giordano Bruno 

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