Grafología de la "A" a la "Z"

Grafología de la "A" a la "Z" - Augusto  Vels - Herder
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Among the methods used to clarify the distinctive features of each individual which graphology study provides the most accurate data to give us an accurate picture of each person. It is in this line that the famous graphologist Augusto Vels, in addition to its four key works in the field of graphology, a new text that has been conceived as an extension of the Dictionary of graphology and handwriting related terms.
This new work reflects the experience of over half a century in the practice of writing and study other psychometric tests and projects for the study of orientation, promotion and selection of human factor in business. Over 200 curriculum writers and works allow the reader to make a choice in line with the specialty that interests them.
Graphology has the advantage of giving us a true picture of the subject by himself, without intermediaries and without the risk more



Book: Grafología de la "A" a la "Z"

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