Grandes Psicoanalistas Vol. I.

Introducción a las obras de Freud, Ferenczi, Groddeck, Klein

Grandes Psicoanalistas Vol. I.  - Juan David Nasio - Gedisa
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Here are meeting for the first time in two volumes, the great authors of psychoanalysis: the essentials of life and work of each of these pioneers that marked our thinking and practice analysis, our language and, in general terms, today's culture.  The two volumes are intended as instruments of labor in which each chapter devoted to one of the seven great figures of psychoanalysis, offers the reader a presentation of his biography, a clear and rigorous exposition of the fundamental ideas of his work, fragments chosen of this, a timeline of the key events of his life and, like Freud, never ceases to return to the fundamentals of the theory.  Vol. I: with contributions from JD Nasio, L. Le Vaguerese, and MC Thomas B. This


Book: Grandes Psicoanalistas Vol. I.

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