Guerra del lobo

Caminos de convivencia con la vida salvaje

Guerra del lobo - Javier Pérez de Albéniz - Capitán Swing
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Capitán Swing
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Tapa Blanda

According to official censuses, in recent years the number of wolves in Spain has increased. But also his attacks on cattle and their presence in the media. The largest predator of the peninsula is again present, as the protagonist of a conflict of interest between different sectors of our society: the ranchers and shepherds who suffer their attacks, the administration that must pay the compensation and mediate in the clash of interests, the hunters who ask to be considered one more piece of hunting and the conservationists who have made it a symbol and demand their protection throughout the national territory. A fundamental part of the culture of northwestern Spain, protagonist of black legends and example of the estrangement between progress and nature, the wolf is the most admired and hated animal of our fauna.

In this study, a mixture of personal storytelling and reporting, more


Book: Guerra del lobo

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