Impolíticos jardínes

Impolíticos jardínes - Juan-Ramón Capella - Trotta
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Juan-Ramón Capella has to his credit the introduction into the Spanish legal philosophy both budgets analytic philosophy as an elaborate reflection matrix "Marxian". His thinking is analytical and critical. In the field of political philosophy develops a work of unveiling of the nature, functions and ideological manifestations of the state, and legal-political consequences of globalization.
Moreover, he has written pages with strong literary accent has "turned upside down" call philosophical novel writing almost fictionalized biography of Manuel Sacristan. His own memories under Franco, No Ithaka, can be seen as an exercise in style. This is characterized by the pursuit of clarity and precision, making good the adage that clarity is the courtesy of the philosopher. They show their cultural interests translations of Gramsci, P. P. Pasolini, Simone Weil, Rosa Rossi or C. more

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Book: Impolíticos jardínes

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