Introducción a la filosofía de la religión

Introducción a la filosofía de la religión - Michael J. Murray - Herder
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This book offers a broad vision of the fundamental themes in the debate in the contemporary philosophy of religion. The main ideas and arguments of historical and contemporary authors are discussed and analyzed, focusing especially on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The book addresses all the important issues in this field, such as the consistency of divine attributes, theistic and atheistic arguments, faith and reason, religion and ethics, miracles, human freedom and divine providence, Science and religion or immortality. In addition, it includes topics of great relevance, which are often overlooked in other similar works, such as the argument of divine concealment in favor of atheism, the coherence of the doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation, or the relationship between religion and politics. This study, which has already become a classic in the Anglo-Saxon world, more

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Book: Introducción a la filosofía de la religión

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