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Isla Isabel - Claudio Contreras Koob - Pluralia
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The book is a photographic essay by award-winning nature photographer Claudio Contreras Koob on the majestic Isla Isabel, positioned off the coast of Nayarit very near the Marias Islands volcanic headland. Isla Isabel is a remarkable haven for seabirds and migrants, a unique observation of the behavior of species like the blue-footed booby, frigate, the tropical bird and several others, as well as the influence of the continent in the particular ecology this small island territory. With a display of more than one hundred and fifty Beautiful pictures, a lively introductory text and a generous format art book, beautifully printed and bound in hardcover, Isla Isabel, bird sanctuary, is a stunning visual tour one of the most surprising and least known of the Nayarit Pacific national parks.


Book: Isla Isabel

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