Judith Butler

Filosofía Ilustrada

Judith Butler - Ansgar Lorenz - Herder
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Judith Butler is the star of this new installment of the Illustrated Philosophy collection. Combining text and illustration, this work offers the opportunity to delve into Butler's philosophical thought in an easy and dynamic way.

Judith Butler's philosophy is very present today, being one of the most important and influential contemporary philosophers on issues of gender identity, desire and sexual orientation. However, her style is preceded by the fame that it is a difficult philosophy to read. This work offers, in an accessible and dynamic way, a detailed journey of her thought that deepens in discussions with other philosophers.

This new installment of Illustrated Philosophy masterfully combines illustration and text to offer students, teachers, fans or anyone else interested in the history of philosophy one of the best introductions about the life and thought of the...read more


Book: Judith Butler

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