Juegos Inteligentes

La construcción temprana de la mente a través del juego

Juegos Inteligentes - B. Nikitin - Machado Libros
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Machado Libros
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This book tries to recover the educational role of games and toys within family interaction. That is why it is a useful book for educators but above all a valuable tool for parents in their relationship with their children. As Pablo del Río puts it in the presentation of the book, «the dissemination of game materials designed to build the mind is something more than harmless entertainment: it constitutes one of the central challenges of the education of the future and especially of the education family". The game and its organization are considered as a key to the child's education to the extent that aspects such as dexterity, sharpness, serenity, activity and social relationships are developed.


Book: Juegos Inteligentes

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