La crisis mundial y sus efectos en México

La crisis mundial y sus efectos en México -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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Contributions to the explanation of the impacts of the international crisis that erupted in 2008 on the Mexican economy and the economic policy applied to different regions of the country with emphasis on agribusiness and manufacturing sectors come together in this volume.The authors address issues such as regional effects of the global recession, the need for active policies for national development, cross-border subregional dynamics of northern Mexico, the asymmetric regional integration led by the United States, the problems caused by the replacement policy Employment for social policy, labor market mismatches of professionals, the effects of the change in the manufacture of industrial growth model and weight gain of transnational corporations, the increase in exports in relation to sales the domestic market, the dominance of the maquiladora industry, the impact of deregulation more



Book: La crisis mundial y sus efectos en México

ISBN: 9786077957515