La democracia en bancarrota

La democracia en bancarrota -  AA.VV. - Trotta
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"Quiebrocracia" is the term coined by the former Minister Greek Finance Yanis Varoufakis to characterize emerged after the financial crisis of 2008. The quiebrocracia has rescue failed banks above any other interest regime. This peculiar form of oligarchy has been made possible by the de-democratization that has led neoliberal globalization. The papers included in this volume analyze these processes, which have led to a democracy in bankruptcy. They do this from two different angles: the sealing of the mechanisms of citizen participation and the growing irresponsabilización of the powers responsible for making decisions.
Work by Antonio Gimenez Merino, Geminello Pretorossi, Emilio Santoro, Antonio Perez Madrid, José Luis Gordillo. Joan Ramos Toledano.

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Book: La democracia en bancarrota

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