La fábrica de la estrategia

La fábrica de la estrategia - Antonio Negri - Akal
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In the early twentieth century, Lenin intervened at a similar juncture to the current one, when global capitalism knew its first major world crisis pivoted around the first imperialist war, the class composition of the Russian workforce was undergoing a radical mutation and the politics of the working class began to come true hard on a world scale. In this book, Antonio Negri makes a masterful analysis of the intellectual and political power of the Leninist parable, shredding the mysterious curve of Lenin's line and his ability to renew the reading of Marxism and jump his praxis to a new horizon of reality . These lessons offer a useful instrument to address the rigorous analysis of the current class composition and to begin to think of possible modes of innovation in the political practice of the global resistance movement.


Book: La fábrica de la estrategia

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