La Noche de San Juan

La Noche de San Juan - Mircea Elíade - Herder
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The night of San Juan, title of the most important novel of Mircea Eliade, corresponds, in the original Romanian to Noaptea of Sânziene to "night of the fairies", held on June 23 (summer solstice), the that is traditionally credited a prophetic character, able to predict the fate or misfortune that fate in store for the year. Under the magic of this mystery, waiting for that revelation, heterogeneous network develops the physical and human landscape of this novel, which covers a period of 12 years, a perfect cycle, closed and homologous to the cosmic cycles. The magic of the work center is Bucharest, a city full of symbols of initiation and inexhaustible source of myth, where, in the Baneasa forest, know the players, Stefan and Ileana. Against this background it is projected the atmosphere, the mood of the young intellectuals of the interwar Romania, the collective tension that led more


Book: La Noche de San Juan

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