La novela del adolescente miope

La novela del adolescente miope - Mircea Elíade - Impedimenta
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Mircea Eliade was only seventeen when he began to write this Novel of the short-sighted teenager, a sort of camouflaged diary, an early autobiography in which the author reviews his youth experiences, his crises, his wild adventures and his existential uncertainties.
At that time, Eliade, who would eventually become one of the most respected and controversial European intellectuals of the twentieth, was an ambitious boy, a student who was overcome by his nearsightedness: "Papini is ugly, he is horrible, he is myopic. I will be handsome, I will charm the women, I will have clear and penetrating eyes. I will break my glasses and open my eyes as much as I can. " The volume is completed with Gaudeamus, unpublished until today in Castilian, in which the author prolongs that heroic attitude before the knowledge of itself and its intellectual formation throughout its university stage, more



Book: La novela del adolescente miope

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