La princesa del sol

La princesa del sol - David Grossman - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Hard cover

The princess of the sun is the story of a beautiful secret. The pen of David Grossman and the pencils of Mical Rovner create a poetic work for children and adults on the magic of day and night. Lucia and her mother become, for a day, the princess and the queen of the sun. Thus, they will immerse themselves in an adventure so that, from the darkness of the night, the sun fired, the copper and flood with light and joy all the corners. The end of the day will come, it is inevitable, but tomorrow, sure, there will be a new queen and princess of the Sun. Grossman and Rovner again captivate us with this story, beautiful and optimistic, as they did before The Embrace, also published by Sixth Floor in 2013.


Book: La princesa del sol

ISBN: 9788416677009