La Religión, hilo de memoria

La Religión, hilo de memoria - Danièle Hervieu Léger - Herder
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If, on the one hand, interest in the great historical religions continues to decline, since the seventies has been observed, on the other, a proliferation of new religious movements of the most diverse nature. The alleged loss of religion propagated by the theories of secularization in contrast to this new phenomenon of spreading religion. Sociology has been faced with a dilemma. Either religion is defined in terms of the content that has traditionally been characterized as the belief in a supernatural force, and are ignored manifestations of a sort of modern religion-such as sporting events or mass applies to all phenomena that address the question of ultimate meaning and significance of world in which we live, what religion is treated as nebulous category of "system of meaning".
Danièle Hervieu-Léger proposes to undertake a new analysis of the religious and redefine it. His more


Book: La Religión, hilo de memoria

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