La última noche de Troya

Libro II de la Eneida

La última noche de Troya - Virgilio  - Hiperión
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The second book of the Aeneid - here translated into Castilian hexameters, in obedience to the rhythm of the original - was recited by Virgil, along with the fourth and sixth, as a first of his epic, before Prince Octavius ​​and some members of his family, at the beginning of the year 22 BC. It is the most autonomous of the entire work, a narrative unit in itself. Aeneas, as a character-frame, retrospectively tells Dido and his Carthaginian courtiers, at the twilight aftermath of a banquet, the fall of Troy, his homeland, conquered by the Greeks by the stratagem of the wooden horse, and the origin of his own leadership over surviving Trojans:
"Everyone was silent and attentive fixed their gaze on him;
From a high place like this then Father Aeneas spoke:
'Queen, you command me to rekindle unspeakable pain again,
how the Danaans ruined the Trojan forces and a more


Book: La última noche de Troya

ISBN: 9788490021149