Las llaves de la ciudad

Un mosaico de México

Las llaves de la ciudad - David Lida - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Like any good reporter, David Lida allows the characters and situations are themselves talk, without judgment or ensalzarlos. It portrays them as they are and in this way we share a personal look that has posed both in the most remote and inhospitable places of the city and those players that is so everyday and visible escape our attention. Deals with the same precision and detachment to some merchants of Nazi paraphernalia on the market of La Lagunilla, the "lagunazis" a musician of a trio that did not succeed in Hollywood because the players union president at the time, Charlton Heston, He forbade them to stay there, the Irish painter Phil Kelly or a top socialites of our country. Thus, from a lucid collection of prints, set achieves a crisp contours fuzzy image that is true to who reflected: Mexico City in his boundless and inexhaustible diversity.


Book: Las llaves de la ciudad

ISBN: 9786077781769