Lecciones de estética disidente

Lecciones de estética disidente - Luis Antonio de Villena - Pre-Textos
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This book, which contains various texts, a set of plural want lessons (from aesthetics) only to encourage dissent, just to help each each- -and whatever it wants to be, and cried, and holster is purple, daring to be the other. Because not only are all other (since we assume a plurality) but -for of enfrente- are and should be the other, and civilization is to assume, accept and enjoy all those otherness ... I wish that this book was taken by a manual of aesthetic subversion. I invite my readers every which-way-his catch pending or sackcloth and take to the streets proclaiming, from its rigor, his dissent. Many years ago-in the late 60- and at a concert, when nobody expected, Mick Jaeger (then young) got on stage lipstick bright red, and his deluded followers ante there the king of rock, joyful self, deeply painted lips. This book has a lot of lipstick and wild pagan sortijón bishop.

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Book: Lecciones de estética disidente

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