Lluvia de verano

Lluvia de verano - Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Istanbul, 1942. A man discovers a girl in his garden, motionless in the summer rain, like an apparition. The young woman seems to know the place: the garden, the trees ... First, she relies and then retreats. It evokes distant memories of childhood and seems to experience strange visions. But she says she should meet her husband and leave. Fascinated by the beauty of the stranger, Sabri tries to overcome the desire to see her again. A few days later, the girl reappears in the garden. This time will be a walk along the banks of the Bosphorus which will lead to Sabri at the gates of infidelity. Subtle and precious, with the unmistakable style that made Tanpinar one of the greatest Turkish writers, Lluvia de verano is an unforgettable story that only confirms its author as the great painter of Istanbul, a city of dreams and melancholy, a classic Undisputed, which Orhan Pamuk himself reco...read more


Book: Lluvia de verano

ISBN: 9788416677030