Los atajos de Yūko

Los atajos de Yūko -  Yū Nagashima - Quaterni
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An amazing puzzle set in an antique shop in Japan today

 The narrator of this story is a complete stranger to the reader: we do not know what his name is or what he looks like, only that he works in an antique shop, the Furacocoya, who likes to sleep late and who is averse to work.

Through his eyes we can see through the small world that surrounds him, a world drawn with detachment and humor: Yuko's surprising shortcuts, Françoise's passion for sumo, Asako's final project, Mizue's secrets ... And yet, under his indifferent gaze every little detail vibrates and takes on a life of its own, becoming a fascinating adventure, an intrinsic mystery.

A novel that begins in Tokyo and ends in a Paris impregnated with a strange magic, like gold dust in a cup of green tea.

A collection of exquisite stories, not exempt from social criticism and written with lots of humo...read more


Book: Los atajos de Yūko

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