Pedazos - Robert Creeley - Mangos de Hacha
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Mangos de Hacha
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Translation of José Luis Bobadilla and Ricardo Cazares

Pieces is deliberately lyrical emotional process. The action of qualitative information on multiple levels. It is an exotic art. Within the system of Creeley, the word is not a free social sentimentality (the long winding path, the light in the window), but a particular social good. Behind every situation there is a host of records. However, the poem belongs to a molecular demarcation, not shorthand, so that each one is a model of a social universe located in high resolution. Fixed to the ear thanks to a high order of rigor. Pieces implicitly carry the purpose of finding the whole that were once and are now the signal. Creeley penetrated directly to the core of human relationships. Is master of immediate speech and this is the compass of his written art, speech provides all that is parabolic and exploratory one speaks of more

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Book: Pedazos

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